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1960 National Republican Convention Ticket Prices

Colors:Buff, Orange, Pale Violet, Pink, Peach, Black on White, Green, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Blue on White, Gold, Red Blue & Black, Black on Buff, Pale Blue Red & Blue
Host City:Chicago, IL
Dates Held:July 25 - July 28
Types:Alternate, Asst Door Keeper, Asst Secretary, Asst Sgt at Arms, Bearer, Delegate, Employee, Entertainer, Guest, Hon Asst Sgt Arms, Messenger, Natl Committee, Officer of Conven, Page, Periodicals, Perm Floor Pass, Photo Messenger, Photographer, Press Messenger, Press, Radio & Television, Radio Booth, Sample, Temp Floor Pass, Weekly Press, Newsreel Photo, Television, Convention Press
Days:Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, All, July 23 - 30
Seating Sections:Railroad Press Lounge, Podium Camera Stand, Side Camera Stand, Center Camera Stand, Pass Out Check, Young Rep Work Area, TV Lounge, Rotation Section, Arena, North & South Wings, Box, Main Floor, East Mezzanine, Chorus Section, Special Section South, Mezzanine, Arlington Park
Convention Sessions:1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, Any

Tickets for the 1960 Republican National Convention come in a huge variety of colors, locations, and types. The makers of these tickets definitely wanted attendees to be organized in a specific manner. Accordingly, there are 97 possible combinations of these tickets. All of these tickets have relatively nominal value, however.

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