Election of 1896 William Jennings Bryan Silver Buttons
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Election of 1896 William Jennings Bryan Silver Buttons

President:William Jennings Bryan
Vice President:Arthur Sewell
Colors:Variety of Colors
Sizes:Variety of Sizes
Tagline:Silver, Free Silver, Variety of Slogans Related to Silver

Bryan’s support of a duel monetary system based on silver and gold in a 16 to 1 ratio was the major issue of the 1896 election. This issue also continued into later elections, but not to the same extent as in 1896. There are a wide variety of buttons based on the silver issue. Some will simply say silver or have a reference to silver. Some will advocate Free Coinage. Some will use the 16 to 1 ratio. Some will come up with their own unique way to frame the issue! Some of these buttons can be very common, while other are quite rare. Generally, the more intricate and clever a design is, the more valuable it will be to collectors. Please contact us to learn more about your specific Bryan Silver button or pin.

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