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Election of 1912 William Howard Taft Billy Possum/Possum Klub Buttons

President:William Howard Taft
Vice President:James Sherman
Colors:Sepia, Other
Sizes:1 1/4", Other
Theme:Billy Possum/Possum Klub
Tagline:Possum Klub, Billy Possum

These buttons have a great story behind them. Taft supporters wanted to come up with a symbol for Taft that could rival the popularity of Theodore Roosevelt’s teddy bears. After Taft impressively woofed down a plate of possum at a political dinner, logically, branding him Billy Possum was the answer. For some reason, this never took off like the Republicans wanted it to. Modern collectors, however, are left with a variety of possum themed items to add to their Taft collection, including this button.

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