Election of 1916 Woodrow Wilson War in Europe Buttons
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Election of 1916 Woodrow Wilson War in Europe Buttons

President:Woodrow Wilson
Vice President:Thomas Marshall
Colors:Burgundy & White, White, Blue, & Black; Red, White, & Blue, Other
Sizes:Variety of Sizes
Theme:War in Europe
Tagline:The World Must be Made Safe for Democracy, We Will Win War With Wilson, War in Europe - Peace in America - God Bless Wilson, He Kept Us Out of War, He Proved the Pen Mightier Than The Sword

After serving one successful, if mild, term, Woodrow Wilson and the Democrats decided to embrace Wilson’s even-keeled nature and opposition to entry to WWI to help him win again. Buttons proclaimed “He Kept Us Out of War” and that while there may be “War in Europe”, there was “Peace in America.” These were the major rallying cries of the Democrats in 1916.

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