Election of 1952 & 1956  Hole in Shoe Buttons
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Election of 1952 & 1956 Hole in Shoe Buttons

President:Adlai Stevenson
Vice President:John Sparkman, Estes Kefauver
Year:1952, 1956
Colors:Orange, White, & Black; Metallic
Sizes:Variety of Sizes
Theme:Hole in Shoe
Tagline:Don't Let This Happen to You - Vote for Ike, Vote Adlai, For '56

Governor Adlai Stevenson had his picture taken sitting with legs crossed so that a hole in the sole of his shoe was exposed. This was made fun of by the press. Republicans and Democrats capitalized with metal or silver pins in the shape of shoes with a hole. The Republicans were poking fun at Stevenson, while the Democrats used the mishap as an opportunity to show Stevenson as a normal, everyday guy. There were also buttons just picturing the shoe. These are humorous, classic buttons and a must for an Eisenhower or Stevenson collection.

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