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Election of 1956 Adlai Stevenson Portrait Buttons

President:Adlai Stevenson
Vice President:Estes Kefauver
Colors:Variety of Colors
Sizes:Variety of Sizes
Tagline:Vote Democratic and Don't Let Them Take It Away, Labor for Stevenson, Our Next President, Adlai E. Stevenson, Prosperity for All - I say Adlai, Adlai Best In View, Hooray for Adlai, Forward With Stevenson, For President Adlai Stevenson, All the Way with Adlai

Adlai Stevenson attempted to beat the popular Dwight Eisenhower twice. Though he didn’t have the votes, Stevenson was still a likeable candidate and produced some classic buttons for collectors. There are a lot of fun rhymes and dry humor in his buttons. There are not as many Stevenson jugates out there, especially for the 1952 Election. There are some rare Stevenson items that will see really good prices if in nice condition, and there are plenty of cheaper buttons to add to an Eisenhower or Stevenson collection.

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