Grover Cleveland Political Buttons/Lapel Studs
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Grover Cleveland Political Buttons/Lapel Studs

President:Grover Cleveland
Vice President:Thomas Hendricks, Adlai Stevenson
Year:1885-1889, 1893-1897
Colors:Variety of Colors, Many items have a black and white photograph with a metallic frame.

Lapel studs begin to appear for the election of 1884. There were inserted into the buttonhole of the lapel. Things get a little more exciting for memorabilia this year, as well. Funny third party candidate items were created. Among the most noted of Cleveland’s items are a shell badge with torchlight picturing Grover Cleveland. “Reform” and “Public Office in a Public Trust” were two campaign themes. Candidate James Blaine’s items were a bit flashy. Blaine was portrayed as the “White Plumed Knight.” A popular item was a shell badge with pine trees showing Blaine’s home state of Maine. The Prohibitionist party sees some action with the candidacy of John P. St. John & William Daniel. A significant item from their campaign is lapel pin with names of candidates written across an upside down wine glass. Finally, candidate Benjamin Butler became known as “Silver Spoons Butler” and, fittingly, manufactured lapel buttons with a spoon motif. The election of 1888 saw more interesting Prohibitionist memorabilia in the form of images of Clinton Bowen Fisk with the phrase “Dare to Do Right”.

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