James Polk Political Ribbons
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James Polk Political Ribbons

President:James K. Polk
Vice President:George Dallas
Colors:Most neutral - black & cream/tan
Tagline:Polk Dallas Shunk Victory, Democratic National Badge Polk and Dallas, Democratic National Badge Texas, Texas and No Bank, Young Hickory of Tennessee for President, Alone But Not Deserted

Shell medalets appeared in this campaign for one of the first times. These are scarce items constructed of two thin shells joined together. Most shell medalets are of Polk and his opposition Henry Clay. There are a variety of campaign and commemorative ribbons available that were manufactured by commercial vendors. There were more campaign items manufactured for Clay than Polk, so Polk memorabilia will see higher prices. There are many interesting campaign items that incorporate a “Texas” theme. Polk was a strong supporter of the annexation of Texas.

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