William Henry Harrison Political Brooches
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William Henry Harrison Political Brooches

President:William Henry Harrison
Vice President:John Tyler
Colors:Sulfide; Brass; Pewter; Multi-Colored
Tagline:The People's Choice Hero of Tippecanoe, Harrison and Reform, Harrison

The election of 1840 was considered by many to be the first real presidential campaign (at least in modern terms )William Henry Harrison had a (inaccurate) reputation for being a country man who lived in a log cabin and liked to drink. Martin Van Buren, meanwhile, was painted as the spoiled, rich candidate. There are a large variety of campaign button designs from this election. These are two piece buttons, and many bear the log cabin motif. William Henry Harrison supporters wore these buttons sewn onto their lapel, which gave rise to what we now as a pinback campaign button. Some buttons have a picture of Harrison on them. Brooches and ribbons were also made for this campaign. Many show a log cabin.

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