Andrew Jackson Presidential ChinaPortrait
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Andrew Jackson

Political Party:Democratic
Offices Held:President (1829 - 1837)
United States Senator (1823 - 1825)
US House of Representatives (1796 - 1797)
Andrew Jackson is one of the country’s most famous and more colorful Presidents. He is known for his hot temper and humble roots, but Jackson also made a number of significant moves as President. There is a limited but at least documented amount of memorabilia available for Jackson. A small number of brooches, ribbons, and backname buttons are available to Jackson collectors. There are a few varieties of hand-painted brooches featuring Andrew Jackson. Jackson ribbons can also be found – some were used as campaign materials, while others were manufactured to honor Jackson while he was serving in the White House. Other Jackson varieties exist to commemorate his death. Andrew Jackson backname buttons are also available, though only a limited amount of designs and quantities exist. Collectors may also be able to find letters and signed documents and other memorabilia at high prices. Though Jackson had a state china service, most of the pieces remain missing. Andrew Jackson Presidential China Signature
Andrew Jackson’s letters are just as one might imagine they would be. His handwriting was large and appears to slant hurriedly across the page. His letters are very interesting to read and reflect his personal thoughts and characteristics. Jackson was not a timid man and was unafraid to express his opinion. He wrote many of his letters himself. Jackson usually signed his name in full and often underlined it for extra emphasis.

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