Benjamin Harrison Presidential ChinaPortrait
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Benjamin Harrison

Political Party:Republican
Offices Held:President (1889 - 1893)
United States Senator (1881 - 1887)
Benjamin Harrison was the 23rd President of the United States and only served one term in office. Harrison was the grandson of former President William Henry Harrison. Harrison campaigned in the last election before the explosion of celluloid buttons, which would change political campaigns forever. There are still a few fun items out there for collectors; however, this was a mostly uneventful campaign, and materials are largely traditional. Lapel studs in the shape of a hat were a popular Benjamin Harrison item. Harrison did have a much admired state china service created for use during his time in office. The service features an indigo and white border with a gold corn design. A circle of stars goes around the plates, with the coat of arms in the center. This set was notably used and displayed by Jackie Kennedy, whose husband did not have his own state service. Benjamin Harrison Presidential China Signature
Benjamin Harrison was William Henry Harrison\'s grandson and the 23rd President. Many of the earliest Harrison letters were typed by him personally. He also handwrote many letters, including some during his presidency. He signed his letters “Benj. Harrison”, with the “B” sometimes being more pronounced than the other letters.

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