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Calvin Coolidge

Political Party:Republican
Offices Held:President (1923 - 1929)
Vice President (1921 - 1923)
Calvin Coolidge, 30th President of the United States, ascended to the office after Warren Harding’s death – Coolidge was his vice-president. Coolidge was notorious for being a quiet, calm, and collected man. In fact, his nickname was “Silent Cal” because he said so little. Campaign materials from the election of 1924 are available to collectors, and there are a good number of relatively accessible buttons and other paraphernalia. Fittingly, Coolidge buttons are not very flashy and for the most part promote the leader’s levelheadedness with slogans like “Firm as the Rock of Ages” and “Cool with Coolidge”. There are some rare buttons available that will see high prices. Signed letters and documents should also be available for Coolidge enthusiasts. Coolidge unfortunately did not have a state china service. Calvin Coolidge Presidential China Signature
Calvin Coolidge typed most of his letters, as was standard during this time period. He hand wrote a small number. Some of his letters during his time as lieutenant governor and governor are signed by a secretary. His signature is large and flourished, with the “C”’s being largest and most elaborate. Coolidge was known as \"Silent Cal\" - he didn\'t say very much and was a conservative man. He served two terms as President, however - one being a partial term after the death of Warren G. Harding.

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