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Franklin D. Roosevelt

Political Party:Democrat
Franklin D. Roosevelt is one of the country’s most popular Presidents, and his memorabilia is highly sought out by collectors. Items to suit every FDR enthusiast’s price point are available. There are a good number of campaign buttons, especially, available for FDR collectors. Among these buttons there is a large variety of themes to choose from, from the Great Depression to the New Deal to the prolific and inflammatory slogan buttons of Wendell Willkie. Some of Roosevelt's items (re: Willkie buttons) were produced in mass and will be less valuable. However, there are also many rare and valuable buttons which are particularly attractive pricewise due to Roosevelt's popularity. Items from the 1932 and 1940 elections seem to be more common. For those that are not interested in buttons, written materials, china, and other campaign and novelty items can be found. It is recommended that a specialist examine any unusual or valuable Roosevelt items to ensure authenticity. Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential China Signature
Most of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s letters are typed, with the exception of some of his early letters. Secretaries sometimes signed letters for him until he became President. He did send out form letters, copies, and stamp signatures as President, though. He also let staff members draft a number of his letters as President. Roosevelt signed his letters as “Franklin D. Roosevelt” or as “FDR”, with the “F” and “R” somewhat flourished. Roosevelt is popular among collectors.

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