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Franklin Pierce

Political Party:Democrat
Franklin Pierce was the 14th President of the United States, and his story is a pretty depressing one. He is thought of as one of the worst Presidents in US history for his failure to curb the civil war. His family life was tragic. His party expelled him after his first term as President, and he was not re-nominated. He was probably an alcoholic and died when his liver finally failed him. For all of these reasons and more, there is not a large amount of Pierce memorabilia available. Collectors may find a scarce amount of buttons, ribbons, and signed documents and letters. Interesting, Pierce did have a state china service manufactured, though him and his wife were never much in the mood to entertain. Franklin Pierce Presidential China Signature
Franklin Pierce is not a very popular president among collectors, and his Presidential and personal pursuits are a bit depressing. Franklin had very neat and attractive handwriting that was a bit large. He wrote most of his own letters, even when he served as President. He signed his name in full, sometimes exaggerating the F in Franklin and the last ā€œeā€ in Pierce.

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