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Harry Truman Items:

Harry Truman

Political Party:Democrat
Offices Held:President (1945 - 1953)
Vice President (1945)
United States Senator (1935 - 1945)
Harry Truman was the 33rd President of the United States. Truman took over office when President Franklin Roosevelt died in 1945 and eventually won and served a second term. Truman was the first President in a long time to show support for the civil rights cause. His actions, including addressing the NAACP and forming a Panel to address civil rights abuses, angered some of the other members of his party, whom eventually walked out of the Democratic Convention in anger over the party's acceptance of Truman's policies. Memorabilia relating to Truman’s actions is sure to be popular. Campaign items for Truman are not rare but are far from plentiful. 1948 was a tricky year for the Democrats. Truman was not popular after being forced to deal with the aftermath of WW2. The liberal and Southern factions of the Democratic Party split off to form their own parties - the States' Rights Party and Progressive Party - which did not help matters. Additionally, Republicans were very confident that they would win, while the Democrats had no false pretenses and were very pessimistic about victory. Thus, the Democrats didn’t put a whole lot of energy into their campaign. Though there is not a ton of material, there are some very high quality and well valued buttons among the limited output. It should also be noted that Truman signed a good number of documents and other items, and his autograph should be accessible to collectors. 1944 National Democratic Convention Ticket Price Guide Signature
Truman’s letters were a mix of typed and handwritten. He did not generally allow secretaries sign his letters, except for in old age, though some correspondence may have been drafted for him. As a general rule, however, Truman’s letter writing was a personal affair and is easily identifiable as such. He signed with his full name, with the “H” and “T” being large and pronounced. Truman signed a good number of documents and memorabilia and his autograph should be relatively available to collectors.

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