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James Buchanan

Political Party:\'Democrat
Offices Held:President (1857 - 1861)
US Minister to the United Kingdom (1853 - 1856)
Secretary of State (1845 - 1849)
US Senator (1834 - 1845)
US Minister to Russia (1832 - 1833)
US House of Representatives (1821 - 1831)
James Buchanan was the 15th President of the United States. Though Buchanan was not an immensely popular President – his Presidency fell during the early civil war days – there is a little more availability for his items than those of the Presidents of previous years. Major issues the year of Buchanan’s election were slavery and rights to different liberties – free soil, etc. James Buchanan’s material depicted him as champion of national harmony and also promoted his proslavery stance. The tintype was invented prior to this election, so a variety of these can be found as well as a variety of ribbons made with different pictures and slogans based on the hot-button issues. Flag Banners were also made for Buchanan’s campaign, and collectors will find several different varieties. Unfortunately, there was no state China service made for James Buchanan’s administration. James Buchanan Presidential China Signature
James Buchanan is not generally held in high regard, as he served as President during the tumultuous early days of the Civil War. Like many other Presidents, Buchanan wrote out his own letters except for those that were official letters during his Presidency. He signed his name in full with a large flourish jutting outward to the left on the “J” in James.

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