James Madison Presidential ChinaPortrait
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James Madison

Political Party:Democratic-Republican
Offices Held:President (1808 - 1817)
Secretary of State (1801 - 1809)
US House of Representatives (1789 - 1797)
James Madison was the fourth President of the United States. He was also a major author of the United States Constitution. Madison’s Presidency is known for, among other things, the War of 1812. Though some nice items are known of for Madison – his beautiful orange and black china set and a few mourning ribbons issued in honor of him – they rarely see the marketplace. There is a noted lack of written and signed material available for Madison as well. Many of his signed letters were actually written by someone else. Because of the scarcity of memorabilia, Madison items will see good prices. It is highly recommended that James Madison memorabilia be examined by a specialist. James Madison Presidential China Signature
Letters written by James Madison are less common than letters written by other early presidents. Some of his early letters are signed James Madison, Jr., though he stopped doing this later on in his career. A decent number of his letters were dictated by Madison only, and therefore written by someone else.

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