James Monroe Presidential ChinaPortrait
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James Monroe

Political Party:Democratic-Republican
Offices Held:President (1817 - 1825)
Secretary of War (1814 - 1815)
Secretary of State (1811 - 1817)
US Senator (1790 - 1794)
James Monroe was a founding father and the fifth President of the United States. Monroe was famous for his foreign policy ideas, some of which were known as the Monroe Doctrine. There is a not a significant amount in the way of memorabilia available for Monroe. Monroe’s presidency inspired the first backname buttons, which are buttons that have the candidate’s name or their slogan on the back. Monroe also was the first President to order china specifically for official White House use. Neither china nor backname buttons are widely available, but collectors may find buttons occasionally available for sale at high prices. Monroe authored a good number of letters and documents, which also can be found for sale if a collector is willing to pay. James Monroe Presidential China Signature
Monroe was the last of the Founding Father Presidents. The majority of James Monroe’s letters were written by him personally. His signature typically used his name in whole, sometimes abbreviating the James by compounding all the letters quickly together. Monroe’s handwriting was a bit messy.

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