Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential ChinaPortrait
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Rutherford B. Hayes

Political Party:Republican
Offices Held:President (1877 - 1881)
Governor of Ohio (1868-1872, 1876 - 1877)
US House of Representatives (1865 - 1867)
Rutherford B. Hayes was the 19th President of the United States. He is generally well regarded by historians, though he only served one term in office. Perhaps some of the most famous items to come from the Hayes Presidency are from his state china service. The Hayes State Service is one of the most well-known State sets and at the time of its creation was one of the most controversial. The beautifully detailed pieces have a theme of nature and the American outdoors. The pieces are widely varied, some depicting scenery and animals, and some made to look like a natural object itself. The service was based off of the design and watercolor drawings of artist Theodore R. Davis after a chance meeting between himself and the First Lady. Creating the set was a burdensome process because of the difficulty of transferring the artwork to the china pieces as well as the intricacy of the different pieces themselves. The set was a source of curiosity for Washington society at the time and continues to be popular among collectors. Collectors should note it was patented and duplicated for the public, and the pieces are dated and marked as such. Buttons, written materials, and other campaign materials can also be found for Hayes enthusiasts. Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential China Signature
Rutherford Hayes wrote most of his correspondence himself. HE usually signed letters as “R.B. Hayes”, but some documents are signed as “Rutherford B. Hayes” or as “R.B.H.” During Hayes’s presidency, the telephone and typewriters came into fashion, so he is one of the last presidents to have a large number of personally written documents.

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