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Thomas Jefferson

Political Party:Democratic - Republican
Offices Held:President (1801 - 1809)
Vice President (1797 - 1801)
Secretary of State (1790 - 1793)
Governor of Virginia (1779 - 1781)
Thomas Jefferson was the third President of the United States. He was also a major contributor to the founding of the country and the American Revolution, being one of the main authors of the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson founded the University of Virginia, where there is a good collection of memorabilia related to him. Collectors searching for their own memorabilia may be disappointed in the lack of available materials. Items related to Jefferson are very rare. There is a noted lack of buttons or brooches related to Jefferson and little is known about any china used during his administration. Though Jefferson was a regular writer, letters or other signed documents are not readily available either. Jefferson memorabilia that becomes available should be examined by an expert for authenticity. Thomas Jefferson Presidential China Signature
Thomas Jefferson wrote a large number of intelligent letters during his lifetime, and they were almost always written by him personally. Letters can be found on a variety of topics, reflecting Jefferson\'s knowledge of many subjects. Some of his letters were copied using a polygraph machine. His signature usually abbreviated Thomas to “Th.”, with Jefferson written in full. Jefferson documents are not widely available and are therefore valuable. Many of his letters were donated and reside in museums and other institutions.

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