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William McKinley

Political Party:Republican
Offices Held:President (1897 - 1901)
Governor of Ohio (1892 - 1896)
William McKinley was the 25th President of the United States. Collectors seeking memorabilia from his Presidency will see a huge and quite famous number of celluloid buttons. The celluloid button was invited a few years prior to the 1896 election. Therefore, 1896 was an epic year for the campaign button, and there a large variety of themed McKinley buttons available for McKinley enthusiasts to choose from. Many are humorous and have intricate and artistic design. The big issues of the time – the gold/silver standard and foreign policy imperialism – are definitely reflected in the campaign materials. Even though buttons from the Election of 1896 will be some of the oldest on the market, the huge quantity of them generally drives prices down. They remain popular among collectors, however. It would be possible to build a very large collection of these buttons. Because of the wide price range for these items, an expert should be consulted for information regarding the value of any McKinley button.William McKinley Presidential China Signature
There are a small number of McKinley letters, especially from his days as President. Most of his Presidential letters are typed, while others are a mix of typed and handwritten. He signed early documents as “William McKinley Jr.”, and later documents are signed as “Wm. McKinley” or “William McKinley”. He typically flourished the last “y” of “McKinley”.

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