Woodrow Wilson Presidential ChinaPortrait
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Woodrow Wilson

Political Party:Democrat
Offices Held:President (1913 - 1921)
Governor of New Jersey (1911 - 1913)
Woodrow Wilson was the 28th President of the United States, serving two terms in the White House. Wilson is a highly regarded President associated often with his views towards foreign policy. Wilson is thought of as a promoter of peace and unity. Wilson collectors will find a variety of different memorabilia. Campaign materials from Wilson’s campaigns are pretty bland as far as mud-slinging goes, but do reflect the issues of the time, such as WWI and the 8 Hour Workday. The Wilson state china service was much admired, being the first to ever have been made in the United States. The China was made at the Lenox factory in New Jersey, Lenox having been chosen by Mrs. Wilson after a visit to a china shop in Washington. This service features gold and ivory detailing, including a star border on the plates and a gold Presidential Seal. The service proved to be very popular and replacements for the White House have been ordered as recently as the Clinton administration.Woodrow Wilson Presidential China Signature
Woodrow Wilson served as New Jersey governor, Princeton President, and United States President. Early Wilson letters are handwritten, but the large majority after that were typed. Wilson did, however, draft most of his own letters. His early letters are signed with “Thomas” or “Tommy” – what he went by then – while later letters are signed “Woodrow”. Sometimes he used a stamp on his letters.

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