Zachary Taylor Presidential ChinaPortrait
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Zachary Taylor

Political Party:Whig
Offices Held:President (1849 -1850)
Zachary Taylor was a national military hero after the Mexican American War. Taylor Collectors will find a small assortment of items related to his presidency available, including flag banners, signed materials, and button devices. Shell medalets were one type of button popular during Taylor’s presidential campaign. These are scarce items constructed of two thin shells joined together .Picture items designed to be hung on one's person also became popular. Buttons and ribbons, previously “in style”, remained popular items. Many items reflect Taylor's nickname - "Old Rough and Ready". Taylor collectors will not find any china related to his presidency, as he did not have an official state service created for him. Zachary Taylor Presidential China Signature
\"Old Rough and Ready\" had a short Presidency, only serving a little over a year before dying of an unknown digestive disease. A good number of Zachary Taylor’s letters were not written by him personally. His letters are pretty brief and generally to the point. As President, he dictated most of his correspondence. His signature generally has the Zachary abbreviated to a \"Z\" that looks as if it is lowercase.

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